Dorothy Ferreria



Chap Chae
by:  Dorothy Ferreria (Malaya)

Seasoning Sauce

¼ cup soy sauce
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp white sugar
2 tsp rice wine

50 grams Korean sotanghon
4 pieces dried Shitake mushrooms
10 grams dried wood ear mushroom (tengangdaga)
3 tbsp corn oil
1 tbsp well-pounded garlic
¼ kilo beef sirloin, sliced into strips
¼ cup carrots, sliced into thin strips
¼ cup red bell pepper, cut into thin strips
¼ sliced onions
¼ cup spring onion, cut into 1½ inch lengths
2/4 cup cabbage, shredded

¾ cup chives (kuchay), cut into 1 ½ inch lengths


Toasted sesame seeds
Cooked scrambled egg sliced into thin strips

Combine the ingredients for the seasoning sauce in a bowl. Set aside.


1. Half-fill a medium saucepan with water. Cover and allow to boil over high heat. When boiling, add the Korean sotanghon noodles and allow to boil again over medium heat. Stir continuously for 3 minutes. Drain well and wash under running water to cool off. Using kitchen scissors cut into 3-inch lengths. Set aside.

2. Soak the Shitake mushrooms in water to soften. Drain, wash well and cut off the stem. Discard the stem and slice the mushroom caps into thin strips. Soak the tengangdaga in water and let stand for about 20 minutes to expand. Wash well and slice into thin strips.

3. In a large wok, heat up the corn oil. Sauté the garlic only until fragrant. Quickly stir in the beef strips and ¼ of the seasoning sauce. Continue to sauté until fragrant. Add the carrots, the bell pepper and the mushrooms and sauté until the vegetables are half-cooked. Turn off the heat. This step is important so that the noodle does not become soggy.

4. Pour in the pre-prepared sotanghon and the remaining sauce. Mix well. Add the remaining vegetables. Return the wok over medium heat and continue to mix for a few minutes more. Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle with sesame seeds and scrambled egg. Serve immediately.


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