Jackie Ang-Po


by Jackie Ang-Po

3 cups    Bread Flour
1 cup Lukewarm Water
1 1/2 tsp. Instant yeast proofed in 1 Tbsp.    Lukewarm water
1 tbsp.    Salt
6 Tbsp.    Olive Oil

1/4 cup Extra Virgin olive oil
2 Tbsp Onions, minced
2 cloves    Garlic, minced
2 cans    28 oz Crushed tomatoes
2 tsp.     dried oregano
¾ Tbsp    Salt
1 tsp.     Fresh Ground Pepper
2 pcs     Laurel leaves
5 pcs. Basil leaves

Mozzarella Cheese
Basil leaves
Italian Sausage
Bell Peppers

1)    In a bowl, mix flour, water and yeast. Once combined, add salt then the oil.
2)    Put mixture in a stand mixer with a hook. Turn it on medium speed for around 5 mins. Or until the dough is smooth.
3)    Increase speed until the dough breaks from the sides of the bowl, taking the bowl off the hook occasionally to mix it evenly.
4)    Place the dough in a clean bowl and cover with plastic wrap and leave at room temperature.
5)    Wait till double in volume. Around 90 mins to 2 hours.
6)    Punch down the dough and cut desired volume sizes.
7)    Roll or stretch dough out onto a pan oiled with olive oil.
8)    Let the dough rest for 15 mins. after stretching to desired shapes.
9)    Fold dough around the edges.

1)    Put oil in saucepan and heat.
2)    Saute onions and garlic until soft or translucent.
3)    Add the canned tomatoes, oregano, bay leaves, salt and pepper.
4)    Bring to boil then reduce heat and let it simmer until thick (around 1 hr) stirring occasionally.
5)    Add basil leaves 1 minute before turning heat off.
6)    Take out laurel leaves from the sauce.
7)    Cool and put in blender till smooth.
8)    Store in an airtight container.

1)    Spoon sauce over the dough and spread all around.
2)    Top with sliced mozzarella cheese.
3)    Add other toppings according to your personal preference.



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