Norma Chikiamco


Lechon paksiw
by Norma O. Chikiamco

2 – 2½ k sliced lechon
2 tbsp corn oil
1 whole head garlic
6 c lechon liver sauce
2½ c water
¼ c +2 tbsp sugar
½ c vinegar

Carefully remove the bones from the lechon. Discard the bones. In a large casserole, heat corn oil and sauté garlic until golden (do not burn garlic). Pour in lechon liver sauce, water and sugar. Stir to blend. Add vinegar and let it simmer without stirring. Taste a teaspoon of the simmering sauce and, if desired, adjust to taste by adding either more sauce, water, sugar or vinegar. The consistency of the sauce should be between thick and thin and should not be watery.

Add the deboned lechon slices and simmer for 10 minutes. Serve hot with cooked rice.

Cook’s tips

* If you’ve refrigerated the leftover lechon, bring it to room temperature before cooking it.

* Don’t cut the lechon into pieces that are too small so they don’t dissolve in the sauce.  Pieces that are around 1½ to 2 inches would be just right.

* If using bottled lechon sauce, you would need around five to six 11-ounce bottles to make the six cups called for in the recipe. Also, check the labels closely. Some bottles of lechon sauce are spicy (labeled “hot”), which may not be suitable to everyone’s taste.


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