Mascarpone Cheese Substitution
Source:  (Manila Bulletin/Chef Jun Jun)

Q: Mascarpone is expensive and it is the main ingredient used for tiramisu. I do not know how many bakeshops can make it and sell it very for reasonable prices. How do they do that? Can you suggest a good substitute? (Maite of Quezon City)

Jun Jun: It is not only expensive, it is very expensive, but I believe that the best and real tiramisu is made with mascarpone cheese. You can use a cream cheese blend, which I believe some bakeshops use.

For every two cups of mascarpone cheese needed, mix a cup of cream cheese, three-fourths cup of heavy cream, and a quarter cup of sour cream. Let it rest for some time for the flavor to deepen and heighten. Then, continue with the recipe. You also have to remember that another factor in tiramisu is the coffee mixture that the cake base is basted with.

Adoree: Maite, you are right in saying that authentic tiramisu uses mascarpone cheese; but since mascarpone cheese is very expensive, a substitute is called for. You can use cream cheese. I like using the imported ones for they are not as gummy as the local ones, so their consistency and texture are more similar with the mascarpone cheese.


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