On Cream Puffs
Source:  Manila Bulletin (Chef Jun Jun)

I have been making cream puffs quite often but lately I see some butter coming out of the uncooked mixture. Is this normal? Is there a solution to this? ( Michelle of San Juan )

Jun Jun: Hi Michelle, thank you so much for your question. The presence of butter after you have cooked the cream puff mixture means you have released the fat from the blend. This is due to overheating or overcooking the cream puff paste. Make sure to dry it out or cook for less than five minutes.

Once it binds together looking like mashed potatoes and a film appears at the bottom of the pan, remove the mixture immediately and start mixing to slowly add in the eggs. Don’t overdo the heating procedure of the cream puff paste.

Adoree: Your paste or flour mixture has to be cooked well and make sure you have enough flour in the recipe to bind the mixture.

I like putting a ganache icing on my chocolate cake, but there are times that after adding the heavy cream, a paste suddenly forms and it becomes gritty and looks separated. What’s wrong? ( Rina of Quezon City )

Jun Jun : When chocolate and heavy cream are mixed together, they should be of the same temperature. Chocolate might have burned during the process of melting so instead of flowing ganache you get a paste. Sorry, but separation will happen since the heavy cream might have been boiled too long or the chocolate was not at the right temperature when the heavy cream was added. So have a constant temperature for the heavy cream and the chocolate so no separation happens.

Adoree: You have to add enough warmed cream to the chopped chocolate for the chocolate to melt. Adding just a little cream into the chocolate will make the chocolate harden and lump up.


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