Ernest Reynoso Gala


by Ernest Reynoso Gala

a) Put in a blender:
Flesh from 4 ripe avocados (be careful not to scrape too near the skin as this gives a bitter taste, cubed 1 tbsp. dayap (lime) or calamansi
1/4 (one fourth) cup each of chopped tomatoes, white onion, olive oil or mayonnaise
1 tbsp. cilantro (wansuey)
1 red small chili (labuyo)
1/4 (one fourth) tsp. each of salt and pepper

Serve with store-bought tortilla (vegetable section of most supermarkets). Panfry both sides with 1 tsp. oil, preferably in a non-stick pan; or oven toast 2 minutes if you want your tortilla hot. Guacamolé is also ideal as a dip for pan-fried or steamed shrimp, fish croquettes etc.


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