Reggie Aspiras


Pancit Malabon
by Reggie Aspiras/Aling Nene

1 k Super Q Palabok noodles, preferably soaked overnight in water
1 c vegetable oil
1 c garlic
1/2 c tampalin/pork fat
1/2 c batok ng baboy, sliced into strips
achuete water (from 100 g achuete soaked in 2 cups warm water, strained)
1/2 k ground pork
1/4 c green onions, sliced
1 c pechay leaves
200 g tinapa flakes
200 g chicharon, pounded


Hard-boiled eggs
Shrimps, boiled, peeled and sliced into half

Heat oil in a skillet. Add 1 cup pounded garlic.  Brown garlic. Strain.  Set garlic aside.

On the same pan, cook pork fat (tampalin-pork fat and batok ng baboy until crispy and golden; remove tampalin and batok from oil.

To oil, add ground pork and add achuete water.

Cook until pork is done, liquid from the pork has been reduced and only oil extracted from the ground pork remains.

Cook noodles, al dente.

Heat a pan and toast tinapa flakes until fragrant; remove and set aside.
On the same pan, add pounded chicharon and toast until fragrant.


In a large bowl, put noodles, add ? cup fried garlic (make sure you pound the fried garlic before adding noodles), green onion, pechay leaves, sliced, add oil, enough to just coat noodles. Mix well.
Add tinapa and chicharon; adjust quantity according to taste, mix well.
Depending on the saltiness of tinapa and chicharon, add patis to taste.
If you find noodles dry, add a bit of stock.
Add black pepper, to taste.
Squeeze 2 kalamansi into noodles, mix well.
Arrange in serving platter, garnish with shrimps, eggs, fried pork fat, ground pork, kalamansi.


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