Ernest Reynoso Gala

Panna cotta

Panna cotta
by Ernest Santiago Reynoso

Prepare 6-1/2 capacity ramekins or custard cups. You may also use 12 demitasse cups (tiny coffee cups ). If using custard cups, grease bottom and sides with softened butter.

1 vanilla bean, cut lengthwise and split into two, scrape off the seeds or use 2 tsps. vanilla extract
2 Tbsps. unflavored gelatin
2 cups Magnolia fresh milk
1 cup cold all-purpose cream
3/4 granulated sugar.

Optional accompaniment: 1 jar (1/2 cup) Magnolia Best Fruits mango or apple cinnamon jam. Heat over low fire with 3 Tbsps. water. Put in a sauceboat.

Put the vanilla seeds or extract in a medium bowl with the unflavored gelatin, sugar, milk. Let stand for five minutes to allow the gelatin to bloom or expand. Then put the bowl over a pan with two inches deep of boiling water. Stir with a wire whisk until simmering. Remove from fire and add cold all-purpose cream. Mix with wire whisk. Pour on prepared molds. Refrigerate until firm, about one hour.

Dip the bottom of each 1/2 capacity mold in hot water for one minute. Unmold on dessert plate. Note: if using demitasse cups, serve as is with its accompanying underliner (plate) and a teaspoon. Decorate with mint leaves, if desired.

knox gelatin


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